Colin Lammie Finds Inventive Ways to Re-Image the Human Cranium

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: facebook & society6
Artists often have an ongoing motif present throughout their work, and Colin Lammie is no exception. Choosing the human skull as his muse, Lammie has taken it upon himself to use his incredible technical art skills to reinvent the head in as many ways as possible.

For instance, in the Colin Lammie illustration 'Slow and Natural Death,' the image of a skull is created when perceived from a distance despite the image actually depicting pebbles, rocks, mushrooms and snails.

Then there are pieces such as 'le roi,' in which Lammie illustrates a coat of arms comprised of two hound-like creatures and a snake. The intricate illustration miraculously morphs into a cranium when one shifts his or her focus to the center of the image.

If those two skulls were too cerebral for your liking, Colin Lammie also flat-out draws a skeleton driving a soapbox car, much to my amusement.