Y&R Brazil's Funny Anatomically Odd Campaign for Colgate Dental Floss

 - Jul 19, 2012
References: adsoftheworld & adweek
It's usually a really horrible experience for a brand when its ads (and subjects) are caught with poor photoshopping, but perhaps even worse is being seen with something stuck between your teeth, which is the message sent by this series of ads for Colgate dental floss in Brazil.

Showcasing images of terrible photoshop blunders -- see if you can spot them all! -- the ads say on the right of each image that not even a horrible photoshop error will draw more attention "than a mouth without care."

Created by Y&R Brazil, these Colgate dental floss ads are a clever play on the plethora of photoshopping problems consumers have been seeing in advertising and magazines over the past few years.