CoLab Coop Works Collaboratively for Social Enterprises

 - Jan 27, 2013
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CoLab Coop is a web design company coming out of Ithaca, New York that works for a range of organizations including solo entrepreneurs, non-profits, social enterprises and educational institutions. "From day one, we made a conscious decision to form our business as a worker owned cooperative because we believe in being the change, not just talking about it or using it as our marketing angle," says CoLab. "We are a next economy organization."

What does next economy mean? Well, it means something akin to the triple bottom line even though the language of this brand doesn't replicate that exactly but reinvents it to be a quadruple p: people, partnership, planet and performance.

The team has done work for a variety of industries including business, yoga, non-profit, culture and wellness.

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