This Company is Selling Sprinkles That Can Be Used to Customize Hot Drinks

 - Nov 27, 2015
References: caffesociety
'Poldermill' is selling a line of assorted coffee toppers that can be used to customize hot drinks. When it comes to specialty coffee drinks, toppings such as chocolate shavings and toffee bits can take an ordinary drink to the next level. This set of assorted coffee sprinkles can be used to enhance the taste and presentation of hot drinks.

The 'Poldermill Sprinkles Pack' comes with six different coffee toppers. These toppings include Chocolate Flakes, Chocolate Sprinkles, Fudge Shrapnels and Cinnamon Sprinkles. The toppings are contained within tall shakers, each of which dispense a controlled amount of sprinkles. The shakers can be used at home to enhance various different hot drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate.

In addition to improving the taste of different beverages, the coffee toppers can also be used to enhance the presentation of each drink. As a result, consumers can use the toppings when serving special drinks to guests.