'Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever' Video Examines Our Java Habit

 - Jul 3, 2011
References: youtube & wtfoodge
Some of you may have heard that drinking too much coffee is bad for you, but after watching the 'Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever' video, you should be able to put all your concerns to rest.

Yes, the popular stimulant beverage does become habit-forming with excessive use, but the word "addiction" often carries a negative connotation, and that's simply not the case with coffee. Just watch the 'Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever' video and decide for yourself if the benefits of caffeine outweigh the negatives (of which there surprisingly are none).

Implications - Coffee has become an important commodity in North American culture as it allows urbanites to keep up with fast-paced lifestyles. Corporations looking to get into the coffee industry may consider offering peripheral items that enhance the coffee-drinking experience rather than selling the drink itself, since the world's currently oversaturated with coffee suppliers.