This Affogato Celebrates National Coffee Day with an Espresso Dessert

This Affogato coffee dessert is ideal to have on National Coffee Day with its espresso base and decadent vanilla flavoring. The dessert is known as a drowned coffee drink that douses homemade frozen custard with a creamy shot of espresso that turns the ice cream into a milky caffeinated liquid.

This Affogato is a rich dessert with two components including the homemade ice cream and rich espresso shot. The frozen custard is made from milk, heavy cream, salt, egg yolks, sugar and a fresh vanilla bean. The mixture is brought to a boil, strained and then tossed into an ice cream maker to churn it into a velvety ice cream. To serve, the ice cream is scooped into a cup and tolled with a shot of espresso. The dessert is meant to be served immediately so eaters can taste the contrasting temperatures.