This Exfoliator from Simple Sugars Leaves Skin Feeling Silky Smooth

 - Apr 20, 2017
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Simple Sugars, a skincare brand that offers all-natural products that are handmade, added to its selection of goods with a 'Coffee Body Scrub.'

The scrub is filled with antioxidants which help to reinvigorate one's skin, helping it to stay smooth and tight for a youthful-looking appearance. Meanwhile, the coffee adds a boost of energy to the skin, and its strong scent is sure to wake up those who use it during their morning showers. As every ingredient in the Coffee Body Scrub is completely natural, it's a great alternative for consumers with sensitive skin, and it can be used on a daily basis as well.

Simple Sugars also offers a 'Coffee Body Scrub with Emu Oil,' which provides even more moisture and is perfectly suited to those with skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema.