Cody Vrosh Paints Attractive Females with their Faces Hidden

 - Dec 20, 2011
References: etsy & artforadults.tumblr
Many artists illustrate female faces to effortlessly invoke visual beauty, but Cody Vrosh doesn't take the easy way out. He instead covers up the faces of his subjects in gas masks and then finds ways to make them alluring despite this disadvantage. Thus far, he's still managed to capture the femininity of women in his gas mask-adorned creations and that says a lot about Vrosh's talent.

Don't be fooled into thinking covered faces is all Cody Vrosh can do though, as he's equally adept at illustrating women when nothing's obscuring their visages. He often paints these mesmerizing creations on wooden canvas, smearing watercolors in seemingly random patterns only to distill attractive subjects out of the mess later on. He incorporates streaky paint into his pieces by transforming it into runny mascara, hair, atmospheric accents and even blood.