PC's Pacific Cod Burgers Can Be Served on Bread or Cut Up into a Salad

 - Mar 11, 2019
References: presidentschoice
President's Choice has added frozen cod burgers to its selection, which have a crunchy quinoa coating that provides plenty of seasoning to the fish.

Each package comes with four burgers, providing enough protein to craft a hearty family lunch or dinner. With quinoa coating the cod burgers, they're also gluten free -- providing those who have strict dietary limitations with the same crunchy texture that normal breadcrumbs would otherwise provide, while also boosting the nutritional properties.

President's Choice advises that if consumers choose to use the burgers on bread, that they pair them with a lemon and herb mayonnaise, as well as pickles. If they'd like to use them in a salad, the company recommends pairing them with Monterrey jack cheese, tomato and avocado on top of fresh greens.