This Coconut Spread is Design to Taste Like Cake Batter

For those who are looking for an indulgent alternative to traditional nut butters, Nikki's offers a coconut spread in an indulgent Vanilla Cake Batter flavor. While the coconut-based butter may taste just like cake, the creamy condiment is packed with all the nutrients of organic coconut meat.

Nikki's Coconut Butter in the Vanilla Cake Batter flavor is a creamy coconut spread made with organic coconut meat, organic coconut sugar and organic vanilla extract. Unlike peanut butter, the spread is on the more solid side at room temperature, but becomes smooth and creamy after a few seconds in the microwave. Its versatile texture makes it ideal for baking, adding to smoothies or even eating straight from the jar.

While the Coconut Butter is not made in a nut-free facility, it does offer a tasty new option for those looking for an alternative to nut butter.