Cocoa Coal

 - Dec 22, 2007
References: lesserevil
Has someone in your life made the naughty list this Christmas? If your heart is too sweet to give them that lump of coal they deserve, a tasty carton of Cocoa Coal could be just the right gift.

The popcorn from LesserEvil is dusted in cocoa and slightly sweetened, for a melt-in-your-mouth sensation that will leave you drooling. Just be careful when gifting something like this -- you may never experience them behaving well again!

"A box of dark cocoa-covered kettle corn = a delicious stocking stuffer that also happens to be Less Evil (low fat, all natural, no trans-fats and Vegan). Get a 4-pack or if you're list is packed with naughty folks: 12-pack should hold you over," the site said.

A 4-pack costs $9.99, a 12-pack is $29.99.