The Coca-Cola FaceLook Campaign Fuses the Online World with Reality

Coca-Cola FaceLook is the latest interactive publicity stunt from this worldwide corporation. Integrating the online sphere with reality, this clever marketing campaign makes the most of social networking to garner attention from Facebook users.

After downloading the FaceLook application through Facebook, users can then post updates to their profiles at any Coca-Cola Summer Love event through machines set up around the venue. By simply standing in front of the machine and using the face scanning technology, each user will have an automatic post sent to their Facebook depending on what event they are attending. The Coca-Cola FaceLook campaign seamlessly integrates the power of social networking with everyday events.

Implications - Businesses should never underestimate the significance social media sites can have on influencing public opinion. Companies would be wise to use networks such as Facebook to promote interactive campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.