Clubs by Francois Prost Captures Entertainment in Rural France

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: francoisprost & itsnicethat
Clubs by Francois Prost, a designer and art director by day and an autodidact photographer by night, is a photo series that captures rural night clubs in France. Not one's average subject matter when it comes to photography, it provides a unique look at the type of entertaining suburban French communities indulge in. It is a stark contrast from the sidewalk cafes, chic venues and bright lights of the capital, that's for sure.

Simple and symmetrical, Clubs by Francois Prost portrays stark imagery that are a direct reflection of the environment. It's Nice That observes, "Without the distraction of teetering crowds and flashing disco lights and blurred, eager eyes, the clubs look a little sad and depleted, and it becomes apparent just how weird and kind of dystopian some of the designs actually are."