Hoop Dancing Hits Clubs and House Parties

 - Dec 7, 2008
References: spiralhoopdance & herohoops
Still have your old plastic hula hoop in the basement? If so, dust it off and start practicing again to music! The dance du jour of chic nightclubs and hip house parties across the nation is ‘hooping,’ short for hoop dancing.

Hoop dance is not your childhood hula hooping in the backyard at a family BBQ. It has become its own art form. Hoop dance schools, such as Hero Hoops, are popping up all over the country, as well as hoop dance classes at local gyms.

Modern hoopers, both women and men, use heavier, larger, multiple decorative hoops--some are even on fire--and artistically rotate the hoops around their bodies to music. Professional hoopers can even hoop dance on stilts and roller skates. 

Do not be fooled by how easy it looks--hooping is a full-on cardio workout! And now, you can even buy custom-made, travel-friendly hoops that you can break down and put in your bag.