The Cloud II by Kilian Schonberger Captures Ominous Swirling Patterns

 - Apr 24, 2014
The Cloud II by Kilian Schonberger, a photographer based in Cologne, Germany, is a photo series of stormy skies. Not often do people take the time to enjoy the beauty of such natural turmoil considering that it is often followed by downpours that make people take cover indoors. Thus, people are granted a glimpse of the untamed beauty of such sightings through this series.

Described as 'more than just clouds' on the photographer's Behance page, The Cloud II by Kilian Schonberger could easily be interpreted a number of ways. Whether viewed as paintings, murky waters or black smoke, the abstract nature of the images can be considered a type of Rorschach inkblots. People can get lost in their depths.