Sound Waves to Melt Fabric Together

 - Aug 29, 2008
References: nike
The sophistication of machinery used in the apparel industry is growing exponentially.  The use of ultrasonic "sewing" machines has made it possible to piece garments together without a trace of thread or needles. Ultrasonic bonding uses high frequency sound waves to essentially melt together two fabric edges.  The result is a clean and smooth seam that can lie perfectly flush with the skin. 

The technology at this point is expensive and slower than normal stitching, but this hasn’t stopped big sports apparel brands such as Nike from shoveling in money for cool innovation developments.  Check out this completely thread-less Nike Revolutionary Sports Bra that retails approximately $70.  Even the hook adjusters on the back have dodged sewing. 

The whole world is also aware of the Speedo LZR suit after the Olympics, which uses a type of bonded/threadless seaming technology.  Keep an eye out for this technology on the shelves this year as manufacturers try their hardest keep products looking top-notch sleek and streamlined.