The Closer Dishware by Marco A. Guadarrama Redefines the Eating Space

 - Jun 26, 2011
References: faveldesign & design-milk
The Closer dishware set brings people closer together, hence its name. By providing portable plates, it redefines the eating space, making it more sociable and interactive. It puts the table right in one's hands so that the diner can roam around while eating.

Designed by Marco A. Guadarrama, the Closer dishware was inspired by the traditional Japanese plates called Urushi. Considering that Asian societies emphasize the importance of community, I find that this influence is certainly appropriate. Of course, at first glance the Closer dishware reminds me of an artist's palette because of how it is held.

Implications - The Closer dishware set addresses the fact that many people are craving more personal and meaningful contact with friends, families and even strangers. Although technology and social media platforms have bridged the gap socially for many countries, communities and individuals, it has also spurred a deeper appreciation for face-to-face communication and interaction.