The CleanWave Sanitizing Portable Vacuum Can Be Used on Fabric Items

 - Feb 2, 2017
References: verilux
In response to the growing demand for products that help consumers keep their household free of harmful germs and bacteria, Verilux has created the CleanWave Sanitizing Portable Vacuum. Unlike a regular vacuum, this handy gadget helps to sanitize surfaces as it cleans.

The CleanWave Sanitizing Portable Vacuum is a handheld cleaning device that uses 400 watts of power and a strong suction mechanism to pick up dirt and debris. In addition to cleaning various surfaces, the vacuum also uses powerful UV technology to kill microorganisms and prevent future bacterial growth. This means that the vacuum can be used to eliminate bacteria, mold, viruses and even pest eggs.

Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces and soft fabrics such as mattresses, the CleanWave Sanitizing Portable Vacuum is a powerful home sanitation device.