Get Rid of Bacteria on Your Gadgets with Cleaning Slime

 - Nov 8, 2013
References: amazon & ohmythatsawesome
If you're tired of going through bottles of cleaners or you get frustrated trying to clean tiny spaces, Cleaning Slime will make your life a lot less stressful.

Although you may have never assumed slime to be a helpful cleaning tool, these colorful pieces of solid slime kill over 80% of germs. One of the most common areas where bacteria builds up is on a computer keyboard. As the spaces between the keys is extremely small, it's hard to get a sponge or towel to effectively remove the dirt. When placed over a keyboard these slime patches squish to fit within the tiny spaces, allowing you to pick up all the mini germs.

Cleaning Slime is eco-friendly and the same piece can be used until too much dirt changes is color.