True to its Form, the Clampersand Provides More than You'd Expect

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: handeyesupply & core77
Functionally speaking, the Clampersand might be a just a vice; aesthetically speaking, the Clampersand is so much more than a vice! The word "and" is completely relevant to this design, for the object is itself a symbol of the term that suggests that there is more to come...

Illustrator Tony Ruth first came up with the concept of adding the letters "cl" to the beginning of "ampersand," essentially creating a humorous typographical pun. Hand-Eye Supply now sells the clever textual tool, which is manufactured of cast aluminum by Lunchbreath's design. The user is invited to "punctuate" his projects and enhance storage systems with this additional bookend. The Adjustable Clampersand opens up to three inches and can bring extra emphasis to unexpected areas of your home and office.