- Sep 26, 2014
It's no secret that salons are expensive, and we can't all be forking out the cash to get professional blow-outs and facials every few weeks. At-home beauty products are designed to help you achieve salon-quality results without leaving the privacy of your bedroom, or spending a dime.

The Mila Moursis Cyro Serum, for instance, offers the same anti-aging benefits of a facial by simply rubbing one of the serum cubes onto your face. Meanwhile, the Agave Healing Vapor Styling Iron allows you to straighten your locks while simultaneously nourishing them with a deep-conditioning treatment. Not only do you have a salon-quality 'do, you can rest easy knowing that your hair is protected from damage and breakage.

If you want to maintain your look without breaking the bank, at-home beauty is something to look into!

From Hands-Free Hair Dryers to Ice Cube Skin Serums: