The City Stream Paintings are Inspired by Shanghai's Hustle & Bustle

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: xinjianlu & designboom
City Stream is a collection of visual projects, put together by celebrate Chinese artist Li Xinjian, that uses a wide variety of lines, shapes and colors in a hybrid manner to produce fascinating urban analyses using art. City Stream is a natural progression from the artist's City DNA and Invisible Poems works.

City Streams celebrates the artist's special connection with the metropolis of Shanghai. His visual creations were put together by tracing and reconfiguring the streets, architecture and public spaces of the bustling city. Each painting offers viewers a chance to grasp the peculiar characteristics of the urban environment.

The collection comprises 10 large paintings of Shanghai using either a black or blue background with pop art-colored forms in the foreground.

Photo Credits: designboom, xinjianlu