The Citi Transmitter Uses Special Attachments to Effortlessly Change Its Shape

 - Dec 26, 2012
References: tuvie
Vincent Chan is the designer behind the Citi Transmitter. This transforming concept car is powered by electricity and uses special attachments to change its shape. In its base form, the Citi Transmitter is a one-seat podcar with only two wheels; however, you can customize the vehicle by adding different attachments to its rear.

The attachments are designed to meet every need a driver could have. There's an attachment that turns the Citi Transmitter into a small (emphasis on small) truck. There's also an add-on featuring tank treads, in case you feel like off-roading. As much as gearheads don't want to admit it, automotive design is heading in a compact and electric-powered direction. The Citi Transmitter may never go from concept to reality, but don't be shocked to see its modular design become a staple of cars in the future.