Circumventive Organs by Agatha Haines are Made from Eels, Snakes and Leeches

 - Aug 23, 2013
References: fastcodesign
To the casual observer, the Circumventive Organs series could easily pass for real human organs. So accurate are they in look and proportions, how could they be mistaken for anything else? In reality, they have been constructed out of eel, snake and leech parts. As disgusting as that may be, the Circumventive Organs series addresses an interesting topic: creating manmade organs.

The mastermind of Agatha Haines, an artist based in London, England, the Circumventive Organs series fuses art and biology as a way for her to answer her own question: "If we have the power to produce new human organs, why not make them better than the ones we have now?" For instance, eels have the power to shock while leeches can help to prevent seizures.