Kyle van Blerk Turns Cancer Stick Packages Into Mini Masterpieces

 - Sep 19, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
These cigarette pack haikus by Kyle van Blerk effectively turn cancer stick packages into mini masterpieces with the help of some cleverly-placed correction fluid. Okay, so wordsmiths will note that these aren't official haikus (remember the 5-7-5 mora rule?), but they're short-form poetry for sure.

Check out the gallery above for more images of the cigarette pack haikus by Kyle van Blerk, and keep clicking for more poetry creations.

Implications - These cigarette haikus imbue this product with romantic qualities that are appealing to many consumers. Companies cannot underestimate the power of emotional appeal when it comes to selling a product, and small connotations of sentiment can make a huge difference.