Amazon Employees Must Work 7 Days A Week or Risk Being Fired

 - Dec 17, 2008
References: business.timesonline & valleywag
If you’re a humanist at heart who buys online, you may want to rethink before hitting the ‘buy’ button. According to a Times Online London investigation, Amazon in the UK is forcing workers to bust their butts seven days a week or risk being fired, even if they are sick, regardless of a doctor’s note.

Nothing irritates more than seeing hard-working people mistreated. The threat from UK Amazon to fire sick employees during the Christmas season doesn’t apply to the higher ups. Oh no, it’s immigrants and unemployed people stuck packing about 140 boxes per hour that risk getting axed. You know? The people who need it most?

Seeing red over Amazon UK’s unethical Christmastime work standards? You can extend your reddened-glare to the US Amazon company; they openly practice the same thing.