The Christmas Snowflake Cleanser is Whimsical and Adorable

 - Dec 9, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
A great hostess gift this holiday season is the Christmas Snowflake Cleanser as they are tiny little features with sparkly residue to make the Christmas fever stick to one's hands. The soap is scented with a light peppermint extract to leave the Christmas scent in the air. The color of the soap can be customized to one's preference. The traditional color is a light white translucent shade, but one can choose from a variety of rainbow colors for their sparkly snowflakes.

As the Christmas Snowflake Cleansers come in a magnitude of small versions instead of one big soap, they look like a cute pile of snow placed beside the tap of one's sink. This adorable hostess gift is great for the winter season.