Christian Faur Portraits Use Wax Crayons in an Unconventional Way

 - Aug 12, 2012
References: christianfaur & juxtapoz
This set of Christian Faur portraits is made entirely of crayons and shredded paper. Faur doesn't use crayons the conventional way. Instead, he stacks the crayons beside each other so that the tips of the crayons make the picture. Shredded paper is used in between the crayons to ensure that they stay where they are supposed to. The resulting portraits are incredibly life-like.

Faur explains that he likes to "think of it like a game, with a set of axioms that are established at the outset through the limitations of the material or forms from which the work is constructed, which then dictates what can and cannot be 'said' within the boundaries of the chosen medium."

These Christian Faur portraits exemplify the saying, "the medium is the message." Far more than just portraits, these works are impressive because of what they achieve with the unconventional materials they are constructed out of.