Boats Christened with Champagne Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

 - May 3, 2014
References: die-rache & creativecriminals
It's been a longstanding tradition for boats to be christened with champagne, which means there are a lot of champagne bottles that have been broken throughout history and their precious contents wasted—and champagne is not all that happy about it.

With 'Revenge of the Champagne,' Germany's leading champagne retailer Hanseatisches Wein und Sekt Kontor gave the bubbly drink the chance to fight back by bringing out the guns in a big way.

A giant bottle battle was initiated, which involved having world's largest Pommery bottle christened with a boat, instead of the other way around. A large audience was invited to the watch the live boat smashing event and all the while, guests celebrated by sipping champagne and enjoyed the sweet, sweet taste of revenge.