The Chris G. 'Jeremy Scott' Editorial is Shot on NYC Streets

 - Oct 22, 2012
The Chris G. Jeremy Scott editorial displays some fantastic fashions donned on the streets of New York City. The Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2012 garments that are featured in the editorial have bold, colorful and playful graphics; just look at the Adidas crotch pants that put together Adidas print of various kinds to create a sweat pant like no other. They even have matching sneakers to go with them. Similarly, the turquoise sweatpants with yellow stars walk a fine line between sweatpants and pajama pants. The other garments featured in the editorial are sweaters that sport expressive emoticon faces. All this gear is for those who don't like to fade into the background, and if you look like Chris G., why would you ever want to fade into the background?

The editorial was shot by Cesar Segarra in New York City.