Chris Cork's ‘All Day I Dream About Sneakers' Collection

 - Aug 12, 2009
References: cpluv
Chris Cork has created a collection of crazy shoes called “All Day I Dream About Sneakers” to embrace the strange dreams we have about what goes on our feet.

Trees growing out of shoes and kicks floating on thunderclouds can be quite normal if you're having a dream about them.

From limousine sneakers to ones with chameleons in them, Chris Cork's wild imagination can probably be attributed to a very deep shoe obsession.


This product is a great example of creative adaptations. By creating a new twist on an old product, consumers are more willing to purchase a product that is different that allows them to stand out in a crowd. Modern society stresses that people have the latest, newest and now the most unique. Businesses can profit by providing more variety and opening their doors to changes.