This Infographic Tells Which Chores Burn Calories

 - Sep 8, 2013
References: master-cleaners
We all hate doing chores, but did you know that chores burn calories? Yes! Doing housework burns calories, so go scrub that bathtub and mop your floors to get the fat burning. An added bonus to this is that you kill two birds with one stone. While you’re burning these calories, you’ll be rewarded with good feelings, health benefits, and a tidy house.

According to the infographic, the highest calorie-burning activities are scrubbing (400 calories per hour,) making beds (260 calories per hour,) and cleaning glass (250 calories per hour.) The infographic also shows what other activities are equal to cleaning ones. Did you know that the calories you burn in the 30 minutes you spend scrubbing tubs is equal to 45 minutes of ballroom dancing? I mean come on, which one is the better work out? Clearly, cleaning is way healthier for us than we thought.