The Choi Jeong Hwa 'Cosmos' Installation is Breathtaking

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: choijeonghwa & knstrct
Displayed at the Kiev Biennale, the Choi Jeong Hwa 'Cosmos' installation is a vibrant and expansive interactive sculpture. Visitors are invited to take a seat under the colorful streamers that hang throughout the cathedral hallway.

Using a series of playful plastic balls, handmade flowers and playground-esque chains, the installation brings back memories of birthday streamers and holiday garland. The large-scale piece is a complex web of differing textures, colors and materials. The low chairs and tables allow patrons to feel as if they are part of the installation, creating an immersive environment that absorbs viewers into its colorful layers.

Artist Choi Jeong Hwa is known for her offbeat, eye-catching public art that often overtake spaces and use polychromatic hues. Playing with shapes and spaces, Hwa continues to push the boundaries of imagination and artistry.