From Upside Down Shower Sprinklers to Watering Walkway Lights

 - Aug 17, 2013
Making sure your grass is healthy and constantly watered is essential especially during the summer months, and these spectacular sprinkler systems are here to make maintaining your yard much easier.

While traditional sprinkler systems often consists of a device that sprays water from one side of a yard to another, these unique watering systems have been outfitted with quirky designs and creative features, turning your front yard into a unique display. From watering designs that humorously resemble upside down showers to those that are shaped like adorable elephants, these creative sprinkler systems will definitely serve to keep your yard healthy while simultaneously adding a quirky touch to your lawn.

A great way to add some unique touches to your front yard, these unique sprinkler systems will certainly come in handy during those hot summer months.