Choctál Puts a Global Spin on Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

 - Apr 2, 2016
References: berryondairy
Around the world, chocolate and vanilla ice cream are some of the most basic, but beloved, flavors. In order to showcase just how much the taste of chocolate and vanilla can vary from region to region, California-based Choctál makes its gourmet ice cream with single-origin ingredients.

Some of Choctál's flavorful creations include Indonesian Vanilla, Papua New Guinea Vanilla and Mexican Vanilla, as well as Kalimantan Chocolate and Costa Rican Chocolate. While the finished products all look identical, there are significant differences in each ice cream flavor.

Very few businesses are able to thrive by selling just chocolate and vanilla ice cream, but through an exploration of global flavors, Choctál gives its consumers a reason to explore each and every one of its frozen desserts to make flavor comparisons.