Chris Geiger is Making His Romantic Gestures an Airborne Affair

 - May 10, 2013
The public has had a generally negative perception of new airborne spy tools due to recent attacks and covert CIA missions that have used cutting-edge flying drone technology, but Chris Geiger is using flying drone tech in a cuter and more romantic way than anyone has ever seen before.

By pretending to take some elegant pregnancy photos of his wife-to-be, Chris Geiger laid the ground work for this clever prank that sees him using this believed-to-be-sinister technology like never before.

Set up in Alamo Square, San Francisco, Geiger got his fiance to unsuspectingly pose while he remote control guides a nifty drone to her location. A great thing about this video is that Chris Geiger wonderfully edited it together with POV shots from the drone itself. By pulling this tech prank-proposal, Geiger is showing that drone technology isn’t so bad after all.