Expand the Scope of Confectionery Brands with This Wide-Scale Snack Review

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: trendreports
Salted and deep-fried crispy treats have been a go-to favorite for decades, leading to the rise of companies like Doritos, Cheetos, Lays and Fritos. Iconic marketing campaign slogans like the Pringles 'Once you pop you can't stop' phrase have become embedded in the minds of millions, pulling off a remarkable pop cultural phenomenon. The Chips Trend Report gets at the heart of these campaigns and the recipes that lay behind them, offering 571 informed PRO Trends and over 5,000 exemplars of modern snack breakthroughs.

Large and small-scale refreshment brands have had to respond to society's current focus on health. While some choose to avoid the issue, many have sought out products with minimal trans fat and sodium levels. Products like vegetable and fruit-based chips have offered meaningful alternatives, and these imaginative options relayed in the Chips Trend Report will inspire vending machine operators and restaurant managers.