Japan's Chips for Lovers Duo Releases Two Complimentary Flavors

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: news.mynavi.jp & kotaku
Japan is notorious for releasing wild flavors of beverages and foods and this month, snack company Koikeya is releasing two complimenting flavors designed to be chips for lovers.

Available in two distinctive flavors are Lemon Pepper, which is adorned with a black top hat and Sugar Butter, topped with a red ribbon tied in a bow. The refreshing and spicy flavors of the Lemon Pepper seem to combat the sweet and rich notes of the Sugar Butter.

As the holidays approaches, Koikeya hopes the chips for lovers will create a Christmas buzz among lovers, similar to Japan's Valentine's Day where women give men chocolates and White Day where the men give gifts in return. Though these flavors sound slightly strange, Japan's seemingly ridiculous flavors never ceases to shock consumers with its well-balanced seasonings.