The Humane Society Has Displayed Chimpanzee Art to Raise Money

All it takes is a trip to the zoo to realize how similar we are to monkeys, and this chimpanzee art also proves they have a creative side as well.

The Humane Society has put together a contest where six different chimps have a piece of their art submitted, and then the public votes on their favorite. The piece that is chosen will help win money for their sanctuaries.

Each chimp has been rescued, and the art comes with a touching photo and story about the artist. Cheetah, the chimp, was born in the 70s, and lived by itself in a lab for 19 years, and Ripley was abandoned at a roadside zoo when he wasn't wanted for acting anymore.

Not only are these heart warming stories of being saved, but this chimpanzee art is also really well done. You can vote for your favorite, and know the money is going to an excellent cause.