The ChimChum Wind Vane is Great for Harnessing Energy Off the Grid

 - Apr 30, 2011
References: skuf & ecofriend
Whether your interest is in low-impact living or you're simply cut off from the grid, the ChimChum Wind Vane is an effective way of making a small contribution to the energy you consume.

The ChimChum Wind Vane is composed of three very basic parts including a generator case, the screw and the top cover through which smoke may escape. It can be installed simply with little instruction. Tom Postlethwaite designed this wind turbine to mimic the shape of helicoptering sycamore seeds, and the four-blade object is engineered to catch the wind with the same ease. The wind-powered rotor will be made from a very durable but lightweight carbon fiber resin, and even the lightest breezes and emissions from the fireplace will be enough to get the piece propelling.