The 'Children's Voice' Campaign Transforms Tantrums into Performances

 - May 19, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
In an effort to promote the Tobias Music Festival, a print campaign called 'Children's Voice' has been released. The advertisements feature two scenes where crying children are transformed into singing sensations. Immediately below the children is the tagline "Tobias Music Festival. Our children’s voice used in the right way."

In the first scene, children are crying and throwing tantrums. Immediately beside the scene, the same drawing is repeated but with a spotlight and microphone by the children. The addition of stage accouterments immediately transforms the misbehaving children into performers instead of brats.

Developed by Brazilian ad agency Alucine Propaganda, the humorous ads effectively make an emotional connection with its target audience. As the Tobias Music Festival is run by a high school, the campaign targets parents.