The Camatte Capsule Children's Car Trailer Embraces Customization

 - Jun 9, 2016
References: & gizmag
Lovers of children's car concepts eagerly await the International Tokyo Toy Show, which is inexorably linked with the release of a new Toyotta Cammate concept. This year, Toyota has gone ahead and revealed an innovative trailer that it dubs the Camatte Capsule.

This particular trailer is designed to seamlessly fuse the physical vehicle with a highly interactive and engaging mobile app. Designers will be able to use this setup to easily customize the interior of the trailer by selecting a color pattern and choosing from between 24 different pieces furniture. Users can make use of this flexibility to create a trailer that is designed for playing, camping or just casual transportation.

This children's car trailer is a fine innovation in that it makes trailer design accessible and fun for both children and adults.