This Childhood Photography Project Captures Youthful Dreams

Fashion designer Tisha Sakhlecha and photographer Vikram Kushwah have collaborated on a powerfully imaginative photo series titled 'Memoirs of Lost Time.' Inspired by the dreams they nurtured in their childhood, the duo recreated them in the form of narrative-driven visuals.

Though adults are the focal point of each image, the whimsical, surreal scenes exude a distinctly child-like vibe. One shot features a woman using a bathtub as a boat as she floats through a delightful forest, while another depicted someone getting carried away by a basket of balloons. Each photograph could easily be a dream sequence.

The entire series is tinged with a bitter-sweet nostalgia of fantasies past. Even though we've moved on from our childhood dreams, it is able to revisit and cherish those memories. As for the intention of the series, Kushwah explains,"Wonder, like curiosity, can make seemingly impossible things happen; it’s time for wishful thinking to have its due."