Super Future Kid's Illustrations Star Comic Childhood Characters

 - Jul 17, 2013
References: superfuturekid & lostateminor
Growing up is never easy, but when you have some seriously cool collages depicting your favorite childhood characters hanging out together in a mysterious, otherworldly location, the experience is a little bit easier.

London-based artist Super Future Kid is a self-proclaimed "kidult," meaning he is neither a child nor an adult, but a combination of the two. His collages flawlessly project this attitude and state of being. Super Future Kid mashes up different pop culture icons from his childhood, creating collages featuring a ton of beloved characters. For instance, one collage shows Ghostbuster's marshmallow monster walking through a cosmic environment, stepping onto clouds, following a trail of leaping cats while being flanked by an owl with mysterious angel wings. While this illustration might not make much sense, its lighthearted attitude and hilarious juxtaposition of different, unrelated figures, makes it one of the most memorable illustration series of recent years.