Sebastian Errazuriz Makes an Illuminator out of Unexpected Material

 - Jun 24, 2014
References: meetsebastian & designboom
Chicken lamps are not a common item to find in the household, but Sebastian Errazuriz is trying his best to make them a thing. He's taken a taxidermy chicken and placed a light bulb on the head, which unsurprisingly results in an eerie look. DesignBoom states that "the lamp speaks to the metamorphosis of old to new and the possibilities of using unconventional materials in design products."

The artist also notes that the chicken died of natural causes (even though one might assume death came from beheading based on its current state). Wires run up through the mid section of the animal to connect with the bulb at the top, and it doesn't require any extra assistance standing on its own two feet.

Photo Credits: designboom, meetsebastian