The Chick Lamp is a Uniquely Mobile Fixture with Feet and a Handle

 - Sep 14, 2012
References: lucavagnini & blog.leibal
Westerners' eyes have been conditioned to recognize certain shapes of objects as light fixtures but the Chick Lamp does not fit into this mold. Switched off, it would be very difficult to guess exactly what the purpose of the item might be.

This is precisely what makes Luca Vagnini's piece so singular and sensational. It performs its task behind an eccentric and unexpected disguise while embodying the timeless and stylish aesthetic of minimalism.

Carefully crafted oak wood panels have been bonded together into boxes by their comb joint edges. Sandblasted glass covers the two open faces and acts as a translucent barrier for emitting diffuse illumination. Finally, the Chick Lamp is framed in lacquered iron rods to give it legs and a handle for moving it throughout the room.