These Kitchen Accessories are for the OCD Cooking Perfectionist

 - May 23, 2013
References: greatgiftsformen
The obsessed chef cutting boards ensure perfect prep every time. This accessory is fit for perfectionists in the kitchen as the obsessed chef cutting boards allow obsessive cooks to ensure that all of their creations in the kitchen are absolutely perfect. The chef cutting boards feature a measurement grid, a series of eight cutting guides that allow you to achieve the perfect size of prepped foods for all of your master dishes.

The OCD chef cutting boards include a batonnet, medium dice, allumette, small dice, julienne, brunoise, fine julienne, and fine brunoise cutting guides. All of these features are geometrically designed with the obsessive compulsive in mind.

The boards have been constructed from a thick and sturdy beech wood. This wood cutting board is not only a great addition to your collection of kitchen accessories, but it will surely improve your food preparation and cooking skills.