Cheetah and Tiger Coathangers by David Mach are Razor Sharp

 - Aug 31, 2012
References: davidmach & thisiscolossal
Don't touch the cheetah and tiger coathangers by David Mach, because you will get hurt! These spikey feline sculptures have been created from wire coat hangers by the Scottish artist David Mach.

To construct this pair of felines, David layered hundreds of wire coat hangers and molded them into unique shapes. David uses unusual materials for his projects, which range from match heads to magazines. In the past, he has created symbolic figures from pop culture, religious figures and a large range of animal species. David is known as an "artist of excess," and these sculptures will soon be featured in the Opera Gallery in Geneva.

David is a sculptor and installation artist. Another impressive project of his is the masterpiece 'Out of Order,' a steam engine made from 185,000 bricks.