Cheese Grater by Steve Gates Resembles a Scrumptious Slice of Swiss

 - Nov 26, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
It's difficult not to appreciate the charm of something like this Cheese Grater by Steve Gates. It's one of those products that not only playfully suggests its function in a visual sense, but it succeeds to operate quite effectively despite the obvious effort that went into its aesthetics.

In fact, this object epitomizes the way that form and function can be cleverly married together to produce a piece that performs beyond expectation. Rarely will a household appliance actually endear its owner, but an item such as this can claim to do so quite easily.

Cheese Grater by Steve Gates is shaped like a slice of bright yellow Gruyère or Emmental Swiss cheese, complete with holes. Its triangular prism form even incorporates a pull-out drawer for the mess-free collection of shredded cheese.