Chanel J12 Tourbillon

 - Sep 2, 2007   Updated: Mar 31 2011
Chanel has released the very limited edition (only one made) J12 Tourbillon watch to commemorate the re-opening of their store in Beverly Hills. It is made of ceramic, white gold, and blue sapphires. The timepiece is manually wound but has a power reserve of 100 hours! This model has 'Beverly Hills No. 1/1' inscribed on the back.

Implications - For a successful business, it's always good to capitalize on limited edition products. Successful brands with a large fan-base and celebrity endorsements are aware that selling clothes and advertising them just don't cut it. The production of specialty items invokes enormous interest among fans and it makes them feel more special when they're able to purchase them. Businesses profit from this knowing that limited products are often must-haves.